I want to help other couples find that same joy on their day and capture those moments they will forever cherish. 

When I am not behind my camera, you can find me: spending time with my partner (Jason) and our cute little corgi (Maple), doing a pilates class from home (I'm currently obsessed with Blogilates) , sipping a glass of wine watching The Bachelor (I'm hooked... it's my trash tv of choice. lol) or going on hikes/traveling! I (WE) LOVE traveling. I've been lucky enough to travel to many places! This is another reason I want to do more destination weddings/elopements! I have become familiar and comfortable with traveling all over and would love to capture beautiful love stories all around the globe! 

I am an Oklahoma native wedding photographer turned into an adventurous elopement photographer. With over 4 years of experience in this industry, I have realized my true joy comes from shooting elopements and intimate weddings. There are many reasons I feel most compelled to shoot these typed of weddings... I believe a wedding should be fully about the couple and what they truly want, I absolutely love traveling and think it's amazing that couples can incorporate that into their wedding day and most importantly I love connecting with others on a real/authentic/genuine level. What better way to do that than shoot their elopement day!? 

I personally have a very complicated relationship with my family and look forward to eloping one day. Not only to avoid family drama, but to make the day solely about me and my partner and our love. 

I'm truly so glad you're here!

I'M Korbyn, photographer of korbyn skye photography

Our ultimate goal is to be able to capture elopements together all over the U.S. and beyond. Creating friendships and memories along the way, but most importantly creating the best elopement experience for you and your partner! 

Now that you know a bit about me, let me tell you about US! This is Jason, my partner and love. We are usually a package deal. He travels with me to help me shoot and he's a VIDEOGRAPHER! He is newer to video (has been my second photographer for 1.5 years and is now branching out into video). We do offer elopement packages with BOTH PHOTO AND VIDEO! Petrichor Films is his website. 

We love spending time together and we love even more that we get to work with one another. Jason is the goofiest of goofballs, but he's also the one to keep us on time/navigate. (which comes in handy!) 

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