It all started over 3 years ago…
One of my friends asked me to shoot her engagement photos/wedding and that was the very first time I picked up my camera! (thank God for YouTube!) Since then, I have shot well over 100 weddings! I continue to thrive on + enjoy shooting weddings and elopements! Not only do I love the photography side of it, I love getting to meet amazing people and build relationships that I continue to have after the day is over! 

When I am not behind my camera, you can find me: playing card/board games with friends, working out at the gym, sipping a glass of wine watching The Bachelor (I'm hooked) or going on hikes/traveling! I LOVE traveling. I've been lucky enough to travel many places! This is why I want to do more destination weddings/elopements! I have become familiar and comfortable with traveling all over and would love to capture beauty all around the globe! 

the girl behind the camera

About Me

- I have a loving boyfriend/partner named Jason
- We have fur child named Maple (a little corgi!!) 
- I am, on all levels, the biggest fan of The Office. I have seen every episode at least 10 times and will VERY likely quote it at least once during our session.
- Coffee is my love language.
- Black is my favorite color.
- I am an enneagram 4w3.
- I try to enjoy life in the moment and be present.
- Wine is my friend.
- I'm also kind of a sucker for craft beer- particularly an IPA.
- I love music- almost all kinds. Indie folk being my favorite and country being my least favorite... (I know I'm an okie, but it's true...).
- 100% a dog person.
- Neutral colors are my life.
- I'm about 50/50 on whether I like the beach or the mountains more- I love them both!
- Traveling lights my soul on fire- Ireland is probably my new favorite place on earth right next to Lake Como, Italy. It’s probably a tie.
- I actually don't like wearing jewelry or putting on makeup... I wish I did. I admire the girls who do!
- Lastly~ I don't like most fruit. I know, it's strange...

Fun facts |

Dream Travel Destinations 
 Iceland | Joshua Tree National Park | Oregon   

Favorite Destinations 
Lake Como, Italy! (dying to go back, pretty sure it's THE most beautiful place on earth) | Munich, Germany | Northern Ireland (It's so greennnn!) | Vancouver, BC (specifically the nature surrounding the city) | Austria | Switzerland | Colorado - Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park | California - San Fran, San Diego | Aruba (the water is SO blue!!) | Curacão | Belize | Roatan