Inquire through my contact page with all of the ideas/hope and dreams you're wanting for your day. (It's okay to not know exactly what you want! I'm here to help you figure that out.)

Step by step

booking your elopement

Set up a free phone consultation

"Meet" and talk about your journey as a couple/what you want your day to look like. This is where I'll begin guiding you. Giving you some ideas on what your day could look like, what kind of coverage you'd want to book, etc. Fine tuning and personalizing YOUR elopement experience!

Send you your personalized proposal. You pay the retainer/sign the contract and YOU'RE BOOKED!

Begin planning your amazing elopement day! From here we'll find your ideal location, pick a date, research permits and obtain what we need for the day. Book any airbnb's/lodging/flights. I will be here to guide you as much as you need! 

Show up to the location and have an EPIC ELOPEMENT DAY (or two!).

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