Eloping can look however YOU want it to! Eloping has taken on a new meaning over the last few years. It used to be a courthouse wedding where you do the thing super quickly with a couple of people and it's over. But now... it is a chance for you to make your wedding exactly what YOU want it to be!! Throw all the traditional plans out the window and start from scratch. Pick a location that's near and dear to your heart/a dream travel spot/a beautiful mountain/wherever you want and let's plan your elopement there! Want to bring a few close friends/family members, let's do it! Want to book an incredible airbnb with a hot tub and take some hot tub photos... yes!! We are here for it.

In short, an elopement is nothing less than a wedding. It is a celebration of your love for one another in a completely non-traditional and incredibly unique way. Same meaning (if not more) than a traditional wedding and it deserves the exact same amount of attention/coverage as a traditional wedding.

what is eloping & why i think you should

Reasons you are considering doing an elopement might include:

- Want to keep the focus on just the two of you + your love
- Thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and can't picture yourself getting married anywhere else
- Have a difficult family dynamic (me, too... one of the main reasons I want to elope myself!) 
- Don't want all the attention on you 
- Want to celebrate your love in a beautiful location

The reasons are endless and I understand them all and I can relate!! This is WHY I became an elopement photographer. Because I want to shoot couples that I can relate to and authentically/100% be myself around. Not only because I enjoy it, but because I want to provide you with the best possible elopement experience that you can dream of. 

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